About the LOE

The Life of Excellence (LOE) is not any one program, event, or initiative. Rather, the LOE is a framework that enables you to achieve your highest potential in life. Every Delt, regardless of age or season of life, can benefit from personal development within the LOE domains. 

The Life of Excellence

The Creed of Delta Tau Delta inspires us to commit ourselves to a life of excellence. With that goal in mind, Delta Tau Delta seeks to be a constant companion in all seasons of life and provide experiences that foster the holistic development of men over the course of their lives.

From the day you accept your bid until the day you enter chapter eternal; you have agreed to seek a life of excellence. The domains within the LOE framework represent four focus areas designed to help guide you along your journey toward excellence.

The Life of Excellence framework prioritizes personal leadership, strengthening community, professional development, and wellness and well-being as the areas in which Delta Tau Delta can make the biggest impact. Delt seeks to meet your needs in an ever-changing world by offering programs, initiatives, events, and resources that fulfill one or more of these priority areas.

Remember, excellence is not something you achieve once, and can count as an accomplishment. Like a muscle, you must practice and exercise the habit of excellence. We challenge you to take inventory of the areas within these domains. Note where you are excelling and where you might improve and take action.

We are confident that when our brotherhood is functioning at the highest levels we can achieve great things as individuals, in our chapters, and as a collective.