New Member Education


New member education is the foundation for life-long membership in Delta Tau Delta. The Road provides an outline for a comprehensive eight-meeting program. The goal is to provide new members with a quality experience that is consistent with all new members across the Fraternity.

The program is organized into eight meetings as opposed to a weekly structure. This allows chapters to condense the program to a shorter period of time if they choose to or if their campus requires it. The maximum length of time for the new member process is still eight weeks without explicit permission from the director of chapter services one term in advance. The outlines include an overview of what will be covered, homework for the new members, and a step-by-step outline for each meeting. Each meeting begins with an activity and concludes with a gavel pass. In addition to the meetings, there are brotherhood and leadership development activities included in the new member process.

Lastly, the manual includes a brotherhood retreat and new member service/philanthropy project to organize outside of the meetings.

The objectives of the Delta Tau Delta New Member Education Program are simple and straightforward.

  • Develop a sense of obligation and loyalty to Delta Tau Delta, your campus and the community.
  • Cultivate and develop leadership skills - including responsibility and accountability.
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence.
  • Challenge each member to reach his full potential by encouraging individual creativity rather than group conformity.
  • Involve initiated brothers in educating and introducing the new members to Delta Tau Delta.

By implementing this program, your chapter will develop committed and passionate members who are loyal and actively participate in all activities, come to chapter meetings, pay dues, and remain active until graduation and beyond. This is the blueprint for a successful chapter. This is the path leading to a life of excellence.